Little Free Library


The process behind the Little Free Library project. I don’t think I’ve ever done a project as challenging before and it was a lot of hard work, but I am really proud of myself and super happy with how it came out. Even the colours are perfect and exactly what I wanted… I am reeeeaally really fussy when it comes to colour.

The boxes are all made by hand and given to the artists completely bare so I prepped with undercoat and painted the whole thing black. We were asked to design something colourful in contrast to the black background. I love to draw wolves and flowers, so I used this in my design, of course!

little free library amy hodkin 2.jpg

I decided to change a couple of things from my original design. I wanted to keep their eyes open, as I felt like this gave them extra character and looked more fun. I also had to adjust the flowers, as it was kinda impossible getting the exact same shapes and positioning. I figured as long as the colours of the flowers still had a “good” balance, it would work just the same!

little free library amy hodkin 3.jpg

I actually made it harder for myself by having the pencil line so sketchy as I had to paint over this again in black. This was, pretty much, for every element across the whole box which did lead to maybe around 2 break downs. But I pushed through and it was finally done!!!

little free library amy hodkin 4.jpg

It was installed outside of a primary school in Leeds and will be filled with lots of books to take, replace, read and share. You can see more of these wonderful hand painted libraries over on their instagram here.